My thanks to these great clients and producers for their generous testimonials.

I have had the great fortunate to work with Petrea for a number of years. She’s got a beautiful voice, her timing is perfect, and the clients all adore her. In short, she’s a total professional and always easy to work with.
          —Lisa Shanks Thomas, owner and producer at Heartland Media Productions

If you are looking for a female voice to sell your product, have I got a talent for you. Her name is Petrea Burchard and I have worked on many projects over the past 20 years that feature Petrea as the voice over talent. Petrea’s voice is so versatile that she can project any emotion needed to sell a product. She has always been great to work with and is very intuitive about the client’s needs for selling the product with her voice. Petrea is a great choice when you are looking for the perfect voice to get your message across to your target audience.
          —Penny Johnson, owner and chief video editor, Equinox Productions

Petrea was a joy to work with. Her warmth and range of emotion added life to our message. She is able to concisely and clearly convey a complex message. I liked her....which meant I liked what she was saying. Her talent and experience make her a terrific asset.
          —Laura Verlaque, Director of Collections, Pasadena Museum of History